Showcasing the very best that Southport has to offer!

Working alongside Pleasureland boss Norman Wallis, for the past several months we've been taking 'action' aimed at instilling pride in the Town, celebrating the positive aspects of what's on offer for tourists and locals alike. 

We've been focusing on key 'Southport Gems' every month, showcasing the very best that Southport has to offer.

JUNE - Southport and it's future


We focused on Southport in general and what can be done for it's future.

CLICK HERE to listen to Norman Wallis' vision for 'Southport of the future


MAY - The Marine Lake

Southport's Marine Lake is a focal point to the whole Town. Running the full length of the Promenade.

The Marine Lake is stooped in history.

CLICK HERE to listen to more of our broadcasts from The Marine Lake


APRIL - The Lakeside Miniature Railway

CLICK to hear our broadcast LIVE from the Lakeside Miniature Railway

The Community Development Fund

Each month community groups and organisations in the Town can apply for the funds of up to £100 to put towards a project of their own, aimed at improving the local community. 

It might be something as simple as weeding a flower bed, removing graffiti or planting on common land. All ideas in relation to making a difference in the Town will be considered.

To apply or nominate someone for the fund, please email info@sandgrounderradio.co.uk