Mis-sold Pension Information

If a Financial Adviser or even a friend advised you to transfer your company pension, then chances are you could have been mis-sold, and you maybe able to claim thousands of pounds in compensation.

Pension savers across the UK, and even some living abroad, lost their money when they were encouraged to transfer their savings into a SIPP and then invest in high-risk, get-rich-quick schemes.

Overseas property and land, airport parking, even gold or diamonds were all popular investment choices but many were scams and bound to fail. If you were encouraged to transfer your hard-earned savings, then don’t just sit back and do nothing. Faraday’s Legal will be able to quickly identify if you’re entitled to compensation. Even if you’re not sure if you’ve lost money and don’t have any paperwork.

It only takes a few minutes to check, so do it today. Call us for a no obligation chat on 0161 818 4959, that’s 0161 818 4959, or visit our website, www.faradayslegal.co.uk