Wayfarers Wardrobe Challenge


It is turning colder; the days are growing shorter but there is no need to feel glum. It is in fact an ideal time to give your wardrobe a clear out by getting rid of all those winter clothes you know you will not wear again and make room for nice new ones.

We all have items in our wardrobe that we have hardly ever or indeed may never have worn but do not want to throw away as they are still good or cost too much. Well Wayfarers have an ideal solution to help you give your wardrobe some breathing space without feeling guilty.

On Saturday 5 October Queenscourt Hospice are going to be in Wayfarers Arcade from 10.30am – 3.30pm accepting good quality clothes (not full bin bags) that they will then be able to sell in their Chapel Street Store. This can be ladies, mens or childrens wear.

This means no guilt on your part because the items you no longer love will go to help raise much needed funds for Queenscourt.

And not only that but if you bring in some quality clothing for Queenscourt Hospice you will be rewarded with a voucher entitling you to a free hot drink at Pudding & Pie in Wayfarers Arcade.

Queenscourt Hospice is a local charity that provides support for the people of West Lancs, Southport and Formby. They care for patients with serious illnesses and do this both in the Hospice and in patients Homes.

The Hospice receive less than a quarter of their costs from the NHS and this is steadily decreasing so three quarters of their running costs and the cost of the Queenscourt at Home Service come from public giving which means the main part of their income is very unpredictable.

Bringing pre-loved clothes into Wayfarers on 5 October means your wardrobe will have some breathing space and you will be helping a very worthy local charity.