Reset The Preset (Duplicate)

From January 1st 2018 we're changing the way we broadcast on DAB Digital Radio across the Liverpool City Region and North Wales.

If you listen on a DAB Digital Radio you need to re-tune your radio (as your current preset for SANDGROUNDER and SANDGRDR will stop working) if you want to keep receiving the station.

How to re-tune to Sandgrounder Radio

If you have a modern DAB Digital Radio for your home – or you have a DAB Digital Radio as standard in your car – you should have no trouble picking us up.

For home sets, press ‘Autotune/Autoscan’ on your digital radio (normally holding this button down for 10 seconds makes the radio scan for everything). You should then see us in the alphabetical list as SANDGROUNDER

In some in-car digital radios you often have to tune by multiplex (bundles of stations). Just scroll to NE Wales & W Cheshire (10D) and we should be alongside stations like Love 80s and Chris Country.

Remember to save us to a preset so we’re easier to find next time!

I can find SANDGROUNDER, but there’s no audio

Sadly this means that your radio isn’t DAB+ compatible, so you won’t be able to pick us up on it.

What to do next

If you can’t pick up Sandgrounder Radio on DAB, you can still listen to the station on our mobile apps:

Sandgrounder Radio App for iPhone

Sandgrounder Radio App for Android

and online via

If you’re keen to get a radio-like device to listen to us, look for a tick-mark or DAB+ enabled radio or alternatively, devices like the Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini (at around £50) are a great way to listen to Sandgrounder Radio.


Happy Listening!!!