Lockdown Hair Blog

Luscious Lock down Hair

By Tracy Bradley Robinson, owner of Element5 on Tulketh Street in Southport

So folks salons are still closed until the 4th of July at the earliest !!!

My name is Tracy and I have the pleasure of being the salon owner at element5 Hairdressing, Make-Up & Nails on Tulketh street in Southport and I would like to pass on a little advice to you all.


For many people there will have been, no haircuts, hair colours, blow drys or even hair extensions being done at your salon at the moment due to the lock down.

For others they may choose to sort out their own hair cut or hair colour at home and could maybe be left with a possible hair disaster, perhaps a patchy dye job, crooked hair cuts and even really damaged broken hair as a result of this.


The best expert advice I can give is that the kindest thing you can do for your hair at the moment is Leave it Alone.


Sometimes in my salon in normal times I encourage clients to give their hair a rest, give it time out from chemicals, products and heat styling. Let your hair regain moisture and strength, with all the best products in the world sometimes it just needs to have a little time out.. So I am going to ask you to try and look at your Lock down hair in a different, more positive way whilst you cannot visit your salon at this moment in time.


I think this is the PERFECT time to give your locks a little break and a pamper.


Your hair desperately needs a balance of moisture and protein, so if you have ever thought about maybe wanting stronger, healthier hair this is the perfect time to try and achieve this whilst your salon is not able to help you.


So to try and help your hair achieve this, try and stop heat styling it as much, let it dry naturally, especially if you're not really going out anywhere, this will help your hair keep hydrated and if you have curls, you may fall back in love with them, embrace your natural texture.

So many people have got into the habit of shampooing their hair daily and this really is far too much, so whilst we have more time at home try shampooing it every other day that cuts down you washing it by 50% which will help your hair retain natural oils which help it gain moisture. When I recommend this to my clients some say they can't get in the shower daily and not possibly wash their hair, or that they wake up with bad bed heads. I say you can… you can get in the shower and just simply wet your hair if you really need to, you will be amazed at how easy it is to style your hair after this, even letting it dry naturally if you can, it's worth a try. 


It's time to get your hair treatment masks out, I bet most of you have one stashed away in a bathroom cabinet that you have forgotten about, if you haven't there are so many on the market so try and look out for one that has moisture and protein in, if your unsure of what to buy and are still in touch with your salon they could perhaps recommend a professional hair treatment or mask to you, you never know they may have available stock in their salons that they may be able to get to you, Im sure they would love to try and help.


Sure your roots are maybe coming through and are irritating you but there are some great root touch up sprays and powders out there that would help you get through this, they are very easy to put on, help disguise your roots and simply wash off, the main benefit is that they cause NO DAMAGE. One of my favourites that I use in the salon and clients use at home between colours is a reflective mineral powder called WOW, it is really easy to apply and comes in a little compact with a brush and will last you for many months, it comes in a range of colours but I personally feel as though these products work best if you have medium blonde, light brown, dark brown or black hair colours, it works really well with reds too.

If you have blonde hair with dark roots showing I absolutely recommend you leave your colour alone until you can get to your salon, embrace your roots, you will look like you have a little balayage going on and that is really cool.


You could also try using headbands and headscarves to hide your roots, don't forget you can only usually see your roots on your parting and maybe your hairline so these are brilliant funky ways to hide them. Another little trick is to create a little zig-zag on your parting with a tail comb that creates a little texture in that area and could soften the look of regrowth which helps disguise your roots.


A little word of warning guys, if you play around with your colour at home you can not only massively damage your hair but you may require colour correction services in your salon which could end up being very costly to you.


When you're thinking to yourself it's time to maybe get the scissors out and snip a bit here and there, please, please DON'T !  It is highly likely this can go very wrong and even though we are hairdressing experts, sometimes there really is no easy fix on bad haircuts, even when we are able to help you again. The very most I would suggest at the moment is a little fringe trim, I would also suggest if you are going to do this please don't do it when your hair's wet, if you do, you could end up with a very short fringe.


I hope this advice helps you all folks and I know if you follow some of these tips your hair will love you and your hairdresser will love you even more.

I know that the whole hairdressing industry is working really hard at the moment  to deep clean their salons and get everything ready and in place to ensure you are all as safe as possible for when you return. Stay Safe everyone.