New 24-hour defibrillator now available in Southport town centre

People can now enjoy nights out in Southport safe in the knowledge that vital new life-saving equipment is available in the town centre.

Southport Business Improvement District (BID) has paid £2,000 for a new defibrillator which will be situated in the foyer fof The Scarisbrick Hotel on Lord Street and manned by trained staff 24 hours a day. 

It has been installed at the request of local pub, bar and club owners through ongoing work by Southport BID to support Southport’s Pubwatch scheme. 

The BID initiative further supports the town’s night-time economy and has been made possible thanks to support from Scarisbrick Hotel bars manager Katie Howard and officers from Merseyside Police. 

Southport BID Chief Executive Officer Rachel Fitzgerald said: “We are delighted to be able to provide this defibrillator in Southport town centre for the benefit of the local community.

“We want people who are enjoying their visits to Southport’s bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels at any time of the day or night to feel safe if they ever do need emergency help. We are pleased that our businesses have been able to contribute to that.”

The ongoing upkeep for the defibrillator will be funded by Southport Pubwatch, a voluntary organisation which ensures a safer drinking environment in licensed premises throughout the town.

Southport BID Chair and Southport Pubwatch Chair Susannah Porter said: “There are a number of defibrillators already sited around Southport town centre, but many of them are unavailable when the premises they are based in are closed. 

“We wanted something right in the centre of town that is available 24 hours a day so that if anything does happen to anyone then they will be able to have immediate access.

“That is why we have funded a defibrillator for this location, right in the centre of town.”

Business owners in the town are delighted at the operation to make life safer for customers. 

Paul Drewery, owner of Spender’s Bar on Scarisbrick Avenue and a member of Southport Pubwatch, said: “We are absolutely delighted that this vital piece of equipment has been made available to the night time economy and the bars and restaurants in Southport town centre.

“To know that it could save someone’s life in an emergency is a great comfort.

“A huge thank you to Southport BID for supplying it. Here’s hoping it never has to be used!”

Jennifer Barton, owner of Hey Amigos bar on West Street and a member of Southport Pub Watch, also welcomed the news.

She said: “It is great news that Southport town centre now has access to a 24-hour  defibrillator - it is an amazing piece of kit that genuinely saves people’s lives.

“While I would hope the defibrillator never has to be used, it is great that we are now prepared.

“A big thank you to all involved!”

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